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7 Spicy thoughts from Saltlake City

As you have come to know me, I get my inspiration whenever I am awake. Whatever my eyes and ears come into contact with sends a trigger on in the inspiration conveyer belt. I have enjoyed my stay in this very interesting city in Utah called Saltlake City. Below are 7 spicy thoughts (not too salty).

1.  The result of lack of information or not having enough knowledge about a thing or and institution always leads to skepticism. If religions could take time to assimilate and be tolerant of each other, their voice and message becomes even stronger.

2. Everyone needs an outlet for the innermost emotions and feelings. No matter how much you can suppress your emotions, they tend to erupt at the wrong time. Therefore, take time to listen to the soft cry of the voiceless. You can save a life by simply listening.

3. Ever realized that we are usually blind to or unaware of how blessed we are until we hear a story of someone in a worse state. Do not become so accustomed to what you have to a point of not realizing how blessed you are.

4. Whenever an economy crumbles, the greatest pain is felt by the majority who were in lack all along. As legistlators, make laws with a greater focus on those who do not have as they get forgotten easily only to be remembered on the next election date.

5. Never be too shy to ask for money which you intend to use to make a difference. There are many people who do not even have an idea how they can use their fortune. If someone ask for your financial assistance, they see potential in you to meet their need. What an honor.

6. A good leader strives to meet all the promises he/she makes no matter how costly or impossible it may seem. It is therefore important to know what you are committing to with your own mouth. You are judged more based on what you have delivered against your original promise. In the worst case, communicate with those you promised in the event of any shift in your plans.

7.  It is always wise to make sure your own house is in order before you focus on helping those around you. The need around you is great and it will be so for some time to come. It is possible that you can make a good name out there when your family lives in neglect.