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40 Qualities Employers Look for in Employees.


  1. Ability to prioritize – Given a number of tasks to work on, are you able to set priorities or you treat everything you have with the same level of attention.
  2. Accountability – If you are only accountable to yourself you are doomed to fail. Have other people who can look at you in the eye and tell you if your work ethic is pathetic.
  3. Adaptability – Change in business and life will forever be there. If you are not willing to change with the times you get left behind.
  4. Adherence to standards – every company or business has its standards which they seek to abide by. If you are not willing to stick to the rules of the game you are simply disqualified.
  5. Adventurous, daring risk taker– Never feel confined in your thinking. Be willing to try new things; new concepts. Business is a risky place and you have to get used to it.
  6. Approachable – If you exhibit an unapproachable disposition you are assured that people will not want to work with you. The work environment has other people. Be relational
  7. Boldness – This also speaks of being brave and confident. Noone wants to employ someone who is shy to express their own feelings, ideas and concerns.
  8. Change agent – As mentioned somewhere on this document, change happens. Those who cause organisations to evolve and grow will always be sought after.
  9. Clarity of purpose – Lack of purpose brings higher chances of you not being content with the job or vocation you are in. No contentment = no fruitfulness.
  10. Communicator – If you can communicate well, you will have a higher chance of people listening to your opinions and suggestions. Such people are in demand.
  11. Confidential – An employee who blurts corporate secrets creates a bad reputation that other employers will soon hear about. Manage information that comes your way.
  12. Continuous learner – You will never get to a point when you can say you know everything. An individual who is willing to learn new things is marketable. A teachable attitude is vital.
  13. Decisive – A person who makes decisions is likely to be promoted into leadership and greater responsibility than one who waits for orders.
  14. Delegator – You will not do all the work alone. Yes, it means that you entrust others with the role of executing a task but you remain responsible for the outcomes. Don’t walk alone.
  15. Deliverer of Results– You are rewarded for results you deliver not those that you promise of simply wish for. If you can deliver results, you will be promoted quicker than a mere talker.
  16. Dependable – Can you be trusted to down what you promise you will do? If your leadership begins to realise that you are dependable all the time then you will always smile to the bank.
  17. Desire to build others – Corporate memory is enhanced by individuals who are willing to pass on knowledge and experiences to others in the company. Be selfless with information.
  18. Detailed – Always pay attention to detail. Avoid thinking that the small things do not matter. Many are fired from their positions because the “small” things end up causing a big mess.
  19. Determined – If you are determined you will never lose heart or lose hope before tasks are completed. You will thrive even against the adversity in the work place.
  20. Different – You are unique in many ways. Employers always look for someone who comes on the team with a different flare. If you live the life of a copy you will not be noticeable
  21. Diligence – This is what breed Excellence. A diligent person will perform tasks with a high level of consistency. If you are excellent then people will fight for your signature.
  22. Direction (Focus) – If you live as if you do not know what your destiny entails then you will be tossed around like a robot. Have a plan for each day, goals for your life, aspirations.
  23. Disciplined – Several employers cherish employees who are disciplined enough to work with minimal supervision. The reason is that you will not always have a supervisor over you.
  24. Dreamer – Have a dream even if it scares you. Have a dream for your life, career, business etc. You will always be asked about your dreams in interviews. Bring ideas to the table.
  25. Driven individual – These are people who are motivated with tasks at hand not just moved by rewards. Make your work a priority; let your work speak for you and rewards will be justifiable.
  26. Flexible (Dynamic) – Do not be rigid. Sometimes you need to assess the situation and decide to do things differently. Of course, this is not a license to violate your own value system.
  27. Goal getter – Many love to set goals but it is the goals you actualise that position you ahead of competition. These could be both personal and professional goals.
  28. Gratitude – Be willing to thank those who assist you or those who do well to make your job easier. If you are thankful and grateful you will inspire productivity even more.
  29. Honesty and high integrity – Can you be trusted? Every employer is always looking for people with a high levels of honesty. Without it you are always suspicious to others.
  30. Humility – Remain humble no matter what achievements you have. Strike a balance between boldness and arrogance. Ensure that you remain level headed at all times.
  31. Live within your means – Be real. Eat what you kill. Employees who decide to live lives that are way above their own levels of income end up stealing from their employer or colleagues.
  32. Manager of self – You cannot manage corporate resources until you take a conscious decision to manage yourself better. Take time to confront yourself.
  33. Perseverance in tribulation – Someone who works knowing that challenges have a lifespan will not be deterred by skirmishes. In fact, always turn challenges to opportunities.
  34. Responsibility – Be willing to take responsibility for your own decisions and actions. If you always shift blame you are not a candidate for any senior office.
  35. Skill – An individual who has the right level of skill will attract the attention of an employer who is serious about excellence. Sharpen your skills always. Stay up to date in your field.
  36. Sound Character – While skill is important, character is what will keep you in any position. An employee with a weak character code will always be siphoned out and replaced with those whose character is unquestionable.
  37. Take responsibility – Maturity is seen in your readiness to take responsibility for your actions and decisions. Such individuals will attract leadership or management roles.
  38. Team Player – Business goals are realised quicker when employees have a team spirit. Without that there is division where employees seem to be on their own missions.
  39. Time consciousness – Business revolves around our attitude towards time. If you are not a good manager of time, chances are that you are not a good manager of many other areas.
  40. Value driven – If you lack values then you are shapeless. Have a moral compass which tells you things you will never do. Values guide your conduct and character.