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40 Power Lines to Ignite your Purpose


  1. A slap in the face which awakens you to the reality of your purpose is better than an encouragement that causes you to miss destiny. It is easy to trade ultimate purposes for temporary preferences.
  2. Always be careful for you may spend time looking or waiting for what you already have. It is your responsibility to always seek to know what you have so as to maximize your time.
  3. At the end of life, your joy should be from seeds sown and legacy passed on. It is costly to humanity if you exit full of inventions that we will never see simply because you chose not to live your purpose.
  4. Blessed are those who walk in the path of purpose for they shall experience the joys of success. A purposeful life is a life worth living.
  5. Complaints are assets for observers. If you won’t work towards a solution, it is better to endure your present discomfort till you do something about it. Purposeful people are action oriented.
  6. Courage and determination are major contributors to greatness. Some achieve great influence simply because they dare to move in the direction that others are running away from.
  7. Desiring the purpose of another person brings confusion and frustration in your life. Your destiny is tightly woven to your participation in what you were created to do.
  8. Don’t make crucial life decisions based on what the majority is doing. You may not have the inside information on how they are managing. Always follow your unique path and purpose.
  9. Endeavour to stand taller than the image you carry of yourself. Chances are you may not have the correct mental calibration to tell the truth about who you are and you capabilities.
  10. Forgive those who coached you to believe that you will become a failure. You would be in error to listen to everyone’s interpretation of your purpose. Close your ears to those who think you will never succeed. Look forward to success even if the present story has no sign of it.
  11. Greatness comes as a result of knowing your purpose. Many wander in self-imposed exile because they try to live according to other people’s purposes. Act on your passion.
  12. How can you succeed unless you try? How can you try unless you are willing to take the risk? Success will not come on a silver platter. Following your purpose is a risk worth taking.
  13. If you have to put extra effort you need to watch closely that you are in your area of calling, expertise and purpose. When you are correctly placed; you should not struggle to achieve.
  14. It is a waste of energy to apologize for living out your purpose. You owe no-one an explanation. What matters is the fulfilment of your assignment before the end of your life.
  15. It is always too soon to give up. Be watchful that you will quit at the tipping point. Never take pride in quitting what you are convinced is in line with your true purpose.
  16. It is better to take time to identify your purpose than rush into the realm of diversified passion with no meaningful result or direction. It is a sure way of wasting valuable time.
  17. It is easy to ask others about their purpose and not even stop for a moment to reflect on your own. You can become the world’s life coach when your own life needs more attention.
  18. It is fraudulent to desire success yet you detest your purpose. Your purpose breeds your ultimate success.
  19. It is wise to delay making your aspirations public until you have started implementing them. Those who publicize dreams prematurely lose them to critics. Keep the most treasured issues of your life to yourself until the appointed time. Your purpose is not meant as a bragging tool.
  20. It takes great maturity to accept faults that are pointed out to you by other people. It is easy to carry bad habits and be comfortable with them as they become your second nature. Like bad breath, some attitudes are easily picked by others. You will succeed if you can listen objectively.
  21. Just because you desire it does not make it useful or vital for your livelihood. Sometimes we misdirect our desires because of what we see in others while our true purpose suffers neglect. Success is in our pursuit of true purpose which is not always glamorous.
  22. Just because you don’t know it does not mean it does not exist. Just because you haven’t done it, does not mean it cannot be done. Embrace possibilities but do not magnify your limitations. If you do not know the reason why you exist the next best step is finding it out and not retiring.
  23. Just when you feel you have hit rock bottom, look around and examine the bedrock. You may have stumbled onto a diamond band. Examine your new circumstances objectively. They may be your pathway to successful living.
  24. Life is the gap between conception and death. It is important to make your life count by using your purpose to make a difference while you live. You can start today. Never too late.
  25. Many spend the bulk of their lifetime looking for keys to unlock their destiny. Destiny is not locked away. Create activity in line with what you feel most passionate about.
  26. Never pretend to be in your purpose when in actual fact all you are doing is finding excuses to pass time. Time is a precious resource.
  27. No one knows you better than you know yourself. You should never waste time seeking the approval of others on what you know you can do so well.
  28. Our minds are usually drawn to what we are familiar with. Breaking new territory is usually a challenge for an ordinary mind and yet it maybe the territory where your purpose resides.
  29. Passionate pursuit of purpose is the entry point to perpetual productivity. We live in a world where there is ever increasing diversity of things that desire our attention. Not all pursuits are fruitful or beneficial and yet all pursuits eat into your time and resources.
  30. Stars never wake up wondering what their purpose is. They just glow decorating the skies. Discover your purpose and pursue it. There is no time to waste being a wondering wanderer.
  31. Stay focused on what you have to do. Your destiny feeds on your determination to be where you are supposed to be. Find purpose and pursue it because your life actually depends on it.
  32. Success does not come easy. It takes a lot of commitment to remain with a resolve to accomplish great things regardless of any discouragement that may come your way. If you are not willing to push past the present pain, you will not enjoy the benefits of a purposeful life.
  33. The fact that other people may have failed in one area does not mean you will too.  Count yourself fortunate to have access to how others failed because you now know how not to fail.
  34. The fact that you are unique does not mean you are inferior.  It is not possible that everyone will have the same purpose otherwise others will lack relevance.
  35. The gap between challenges & solutions is one’s willingness and resolution to work towards the solution. Solutions are fueled by desire to stay in pursuit mode. Perseverance breeds success.
  36. What other people have or don’t have should never intimidate you from following your purpose.
  37. When it is your time, no one can stand in your way and prevail. Even your enemies will propel you to the top. Maximize the opportunity when the spotlight is on you.  It is simply your time.
  38. You can survive all your life outside your purpose but you may not be fulfilled in what you do. It is everyone’s mandate to make the issue of purpose identification their core business.
  39. You have to get used to criticism if you are serious about moving up the success ladder. People who have changed the world endured all forms of ridicule. Criticism must not make you stop advancing. As you pursue purpose, know that criticism is part of the process.
  40. Your breathing must purchase your purpose. Understand why you occupy space for you to be fruitful and fulfilled. Avoid frustrations by following your purpose not what is fashionable.