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7 Issues Everyone Must Confront In Life

ShumbasOne thing most people shy away from is confrontation. Not everyone is wired or born with genes that encourage that. I am one person who was born an expert at running away from situations that require a head-on collision with situations, people and circumstances. I would find the smart way out, creatively avoiding confrontation as much as possible. As I grew up I realized that for my success and future prospects, I needed to be intentional about the things I needed to confront. For a long time I thought other people needed to help me confront the issues I had gathered over time but I soon realized it was my sole duty. Now I can tell others about it because I confront the issues below regularly. It is a life long process.

1. Past – Many fail to make strides into the future because they have literally given license and rights to the past issues to jump into the present. Face your failures and learn from them, look at your successes and aim higher. Don’t rest on them. Your past remains your past. You have no control over it. Today you have a chance to rewrite the “new past” that will be talked of in your future. Confront your issues so that you don’t keep blaming it on what happened before. Take responsibility with both hands now.

2. Purpose – There is no one who can stand with others and claim not to have purpose. It is there. You may not know it yet. Your job is to confront this issue genuinely seeking to find where your passions lay. You cannot roam around resting on the purposes of others. You have your own mandate why you occupy space. Discover it and run with it. The longer you take to confront the matter the shorter you may live a fulfilled life. You only get fulfilled when you do what you love best even without being paid for it.

3. Personality – no one can ever deal with your personality better than you. People usually shy away from who they really are when no one else is watching. A good personality is usually the one that stands heads and shoulders above others receiving so much favor with man. If you fail to confront your own personality you will always think people are hard on you. Be realistic about this issue. Your life depends on your person-hood or personality.

4. Perception of self – How you see yourself matters. Confront the mirror every so often. It is not madness. See your own perception. Hear yourself speak, see yourself smile. If you do not know what you are good at, people will take you for granted and ride on your low self esteem. Square your shoulders always and realize you are somebody.

5. Present circumstances – Where you are presently has a bearing on how far you will go in life and how fast that will take. Where you are now should be scrutinized in view of the vision you set for yourself. If you cannot interrogate your present circumstances then time will fly past and you are bound to be in the same place in the future. You can change your present circumstance for the better.

6. Plan for the future – You should not just stumble on your future. One should plan for it and ensure they walk into a defined and well envisioned future. If you cannot see yourself in the future then you will not be able to walk towards it.

7. Potential – You are as good as the potential in you that is realized. It is not good enough to say “I think I am capable of this” when in actual fact you are not prepared to confront what you are good at. Unrealized potential remains exactly that. It remains a pie in the sky, a wish never realized. Everyone is somebody even when no tag is put on your forehead. You have potential only if you exploit it to the maximum. Expose yourself to environments and situations that enhance your growth and development. Who says you are not the next best story.

7 Ways to Maximize Your Potential

human-potentialEveryone is born with innate potential to do the best in life. Ultimately, it is everyone’s desire to become who they were born to be. It is however sad that sometimes some people discover when time is far spent what they are on earth for. By then it is of no use to them and those around. Time is a very precious resource which must be spent accordingly. This means every day that goes in life is as important as the one just passed. There are no moments to miss especially if they have to do with unveiling and maximizing what is stored within. Sometimes it takes other people to show an individual what they are made of. I have not always been a writer; it took the affirmations of others to finally realize that I had a whole career waiting to be exploited. Other people can observe potential in an individual. Coupled with the right affirmation and support, individuals may grow to become the best they can be. It also sometimes takes negative people to destroy every figment of potential an individual may have. Some people may not be happy to see progress in others hence they go to great lengths to stifle the potential in every way possible.

 1. Read Books – You maybe the next greatest carpenter the community has ever seen. You cannot rely on what you see in vision alone, you need to read books that have been written on the subject of your passion. Read widely in order to increase your relevancy level.

 2. Increase your exposure level – Exposure can be achieved through travel, research and meeting people. Your potential relies heavily on what you have been exposed to since birth. Endeavour to increase what your awareness of the environment, the market trends and possibilities even beyond the confines of your country.

3. Have mentors around you – Mentors help get the best out of an individual. I have a mentor who coaches me in the arena of book writing. I would not have achieved what I have done had it not been for him. I have mentors who expand my potential in other areas of life such as business, family and so on. If you have no one to stretch you, you will never know what you are capable of. You will settle for what you know of yourself.

 4. Attempt difficult tasks – One way to really maximize possibilities in your own life is when you attempt things that are seemingly hard by normal standards. If you always settle for the easy tasks, you could scratch on the surface in terms of what you can do. When I was with Anglo American, I attempted projects that were seemingly beyond my education and experience. Only after I decided to embark on them did I realize how easy it was.

 5. Enter into competitions and challenges – Competitions are important in life. I always attempt challenging competitions that test my resilience and determination. I have participated in the 4th marathon challenge to write 100 Articles in 100 Days by ezine in May 2010. I completed 201 articles in the 100 days to become among 68 people in the world to do so. I also took part in the 5th challenge. Challenging times bring out the best in me.

 6. Do something new – When did you last do something for the very first time? Your potential could be in the things that have not been discovered yet. Who says you are not the one to invent the next biggest thing. It only comes when you cultivate an unwavering desire to do new things and create new ideas.

 7. Follow through on your passion to limit – Once you discover what your passion is you need a determination to follow through. You need to increase the activities that are lined up with that passion in your life. Attend seminars, go to college, find a common interest group, build others in your area, engage the existing systems and so on

7 Reflections From New York City

As I left New York City to go to Saltlake City (Utah) on the 4th of September 2011, a couple of thoughts came to mind. 7 major pointers I leave with you as I reflect on the New York Experience.

1. You owe it to yourself to stand-up fore justice and equality. We are born with justice flowing in our veins. The cares of this world, the desire for competitiveness and the belief in the finite nature of resources wipes away every figment of tolerance of others over time.

2. No matter how good a leader you think you are, you will never be immune to criticism. You should continue achieve in the face of criticism not out of fear of it. Keep your agenda clear, take one more step forward. History is made through decisions, popular or unpopular. Keep a thick skin to absorb criticism and yet maintain a soft heart to embrace the views of others.

3. It is never the eloquence of speech that people salute you as leader. What makes an indelible mark in the hearts and lives of people is evidence of your toil that translates to tangible benefits. A leader’s mandate is to get involved in the day to day issues of those he/she serves.

4. It is a waste of energy to apologize for living out your purpose. You owe no-one an explanation. As a matter of fact, those outside you may never understand the purpose behind what you do. Even if they fail to catch-up, what matters is the fulfillment of your assignment before the end of your life.

5. The quantum of your intentions matter less than actions that produce results. Words have never changed the world. Words backed by positive action have a greater meaning. Therefore, measure a man not on the basis of his promises but on what he delivers.

6. Material resources are not the source of national greatness. Nations are great when every citizen is assured of their own individual right to dream and implement his/her own ideas. Resources should be used as dream-enablers for every citizen.

7. Injustices that lay in the past should never be ignored. In order to make strides, the old chapter must be closed properly, apologies offered by the offender and accepted by the victim. Sometimes we fail to blossom in our potential (as individual or nations) owing to the pain that decorates the past and laminated to our present.

Bonus Points: The preservation of values, norms and national heritage/identity is a collective responsibility of a nation’s citizens. You do not wait till you have a high office to contribute to a nation’s growth and pride. Start where you are with what you have and see the nation progress at high speed.

I urge you to look around your community and see what you can do as a family or even as an individual. Make it your goal to create the community you will be proud of in times to come. Problems should not be your reason for leaving your community, they should be the reason why you stick around to ensure they become solutions.