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7 Pulse Points from City of Tulsa

 1. You can not improve on what you are not willing to measure. It is easy to cheat yourself by assuming that you are excellent when you are merely basking in past successes. Always strive to do more than the last time you did your best.

2. Conflict is a part of the human race. It is almost definite that the moment you have two or more people in one place, conflict is imminent. This is so because we have unique experiences, beliefs, thoughts and attitudes. We are said to be mature if we can relate despite the conflict we may be having.

3. Your body merely acts on what your mind manufactures. Every deed (good or bad) starts with a mind-set. It is therefore essential to jealously guard what enters your mind.

4. The world can never be perfect because its inhabitants have no capacity to achieve it. However, most of the problems that we grapple with as humanity can be lessened if we pay more attention to following instructions, laws and advice.

5. Our personal life experiences and conditioning over time have a huge bearing on how we view those around us. these perceptions or preconceived judgements of others tend to limit us from building meaningful relations. Solutions to problems we face maybe in the people we swear that we will “never” talk to.

6. If you do not have a desire to possess it you won’t have it. Success starts with the attitude that says “I want it therefore I am a candidate to acquire it”.

7. Never be caught up in the confines of your culture to the point of becoming numb to the fact that your culture is not in a vacuum. Cultures that are tolerant of those around them are positioned to learn and emerge stronger. Tolerance is always the key to the door of learning. If you stop learning you are on the pathway to extinction.