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7 Gems of Inspiration from Douglas Mamvura

While in this online hibernation mode because of studies, I couldn’t deny myself a chance to attend the British Council run Management Express Forum this evening (29 Sept 11). It is with great pleasure that I bring you inspiration from a presentation on “Marketing for Success” by a Zimbabwean marketing expert, Douglas Mamvura. I sought permission to give these to you and also to modify and spice them up to inspire you towards your business and personal success. A lot was shared and I am only giving you the ones I picked to be the best seven (7).

1. The way you see the world is sometimes not what it is but really who you are. It is therefore important to make sure that you work on who you are in order to influence how you see the world. Every time you are tempted to comment on the state of your surroundings, change the focus to who you are.

2. He who has a thorough knowledge and understanding of him/herself and the enemy is bound to win all battles. Most battles are lost for lack of information on the two critical elements – your attributes and capabilities as well as those of your enemy. Accurate information is the bedrock of success.

3. In business, speed wins, not panic or frenetic activity but deliberate all ahead full speed. In dynamic environments and economies, it is just like changing tyres of a car while it is in motion. You stop at the detriment of your own future and success.

4. A crowd never follows someone who follows the crowd. You need to gather enough courage to challenge past traditions, primitive ideas and archaic concepts. Step out and break new ground. The people you desire to follow could be desiring to see you lead. Life is pick and pay, you can pick anything provided you are willing to pay.

5. You can never light a fire with a wet match. Inspired people have a tendency to inspire those around them. In life, rather be the head of a rat than the tail of a lion. You were created for dominion. Any other place is a misinterpretation of your reason for existence.

6. You can never have a baby in one month by impregnating 9 women in a day. Sometimes you have to learn to reason and think in a logical manner. In addition, know that it is not usually speed that matters but whether you have direction. You could go nowhere at full speed and arrive.

7. Power is like a bar of soap, the more you use the less you have. It is a sad story that most business are over managed and under led. There are many managers (of things) and few leaders (of people).

Mr. Douglas Mamvura is the CEO of Africa Integrated Group (AIG). He is the author of an incredible book entitled “Marketing as a calling” available in a number of bookstores in Zimbabwe.