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40 Perspectives for Building Great Relationships.


  1. A relationship that can stand the test of trust, distance, time, external competition and interference is strong. Most relationships fail largely because of these forces.
  2. Always be careful how you treat people. The world is too small. You are only a few people away from anyone you have always wanted to relate with. You could be ill-treating your future boss.
  3. Always seek clarity about what brings and binds you together. Doing so will help you be wise about your expectations & to be careful enough not to crack the relationship building blocks.
  4. Avoid giving favors with hidden expectations. It is better to be open about what you want and not get it than hold people at ransom by your gift wrapped bribe.
  5. Be careful not to inflict injury on others as a result of bad emotional seed in your past. Wounded people can injure others unknowingly. Shed off baggage that’s not worth carrying.
  6. Be careful who comes near you as they have a higher chance of hurting you. Watch out for matters you view as trivial and yet others are sensitive about them. People are different.
  7. Be selective about who you allow into your own life. Not everyone you meet should occupy your inner circle. Exercise discretion and know that you can only relate closely to a limited number.
  8. Be watchful over the words you say.  You may never take back the words that have left your mouth. Words can damage the receiver. Before you speak, make it a habit to step into the receiver’s shoes.
  9. Be willing to learn from others. You do not know everything there is to know. No one wants to be around a person who repels the contribution of others; be it counsel or caution.
  10. Conflict is inevitable in any relationship. It is how conflict is managed that determines the lifespan of the relationship. Conflict can be healthy as it brings together different perspectives.
  11. Disagreements will come. Avoid thinking that all the people around you need to always agree with you. Learn to disagree amicably. You actually grow better with people who think differently.
  12. Forgetting the people who helped you up the ladder of life is irresponsible. Acknowledge those on whose shoulders you stood over the years no matter how small their contribution seems.
  13. Great relationships have constant communication at the centre. If you cease to communicate then you will soon grow apart and the pulse of that relationship collapses.
  14. Humanity is possessive when it comes to achievements. It is unfair to only think of others in times of turmoil. Relationships should be unconditional. Anything outside this is exploitation.
  15. Hurt me with the truth than please me with lies. Truth can be painful but it is better than deception. Don’t give a false impression as people will make critical decisions based on it. A friend who doesn’t mince his words is a great asset. Truth builds. Lies create fragile fantasies.
  16. If you desire fruitful relationships fulfil promises you make to others. Avoid creating expectations when you are certain you can’t deliver. You measured against them so think before committing.
  17. If you have a challenge trusting other people then you will struggle to initiate relationships. It is a risk to be vulnerable to others yet it is a step you have to take.
  18. Keeping a relationship alive will cost you time and effort. If you are not willing to invest in a relationship then be assured that you will soon be on your own.
  19. Learn that forgiveness is essential in cementing a relationship. People will err and so will you. If you hold grudges then you will soon not have anyone around you because mistakes will happen. Forgiveness is the best cure for dents in relationships.
  20. Love is a powerful force, bringing together two strangers with their history to a common undertaking. The journey of love is a journey worth taking and a lifelong adventure.
  21. Manage relatives that you work with in a professional environment by setting boundaries. Do not let your personal association affect your professional deliverables and conduct.
  22. Never cry for people to respect and value you when you treat others like insects. Respect flows in the direction it came from without you having to choke or squeeze it out of people.
  23. Never despise doors that people who are seemingly ordinary can open for you. They may access people you don’t know. You will go far if you learn to relate even with those with no titles.
  24. Never inherit other people’s enemies. My friend’s enemy can actually be my customer. As far as possible refuse to be contaminated by the relations and experiences that other people have had with each other. Stop adopting other people’s issues and making them your own.
  25. No matter how good an individual can be, mere association with bad individuals corrupts one’s value system. If you can’t influence your friends positively you are better off keeping your distance. People that occupy the bulk of your time should justify their space.
  26. No matter how much counsel a person requires, leave them to make the final decision on next steps. You can’t take over their decision making. Don’t be offended if your counsel is discarded.
  27. One big mistake people make is running away from those they owe. Running away gives you temporary comfort but the truth remains (you owe). Keeping your line of communication open, explaining the position each time is the best way to manage relationships.
  28. Relationships can propel you beyond where your intellect, money or even experiences have taken you. Relationships are more valuable than all of these items mentioned.
  29. Selfless people tend to make greater progress than selfish ones. It does not cost you money to make another person smile. Take stock of relationships you have abandoned and mend them.
  30. Sometimes we fail to appreciate those who are close to us because our sensitivity to them is dampened by our increased familiarity. You take for granted everyone you are too familiar with.
  31. Strong relationships feed on honesty and truth. There is no relationship that can feed on falsehoods and survive. A façade is never a good ingredient for great relationships.
  32. The money you will ever desire to make is in the relationships you build. You can wish for success all your life but without relationships you struggle. You are as big as your network.
  33. The quality of our lives is the sum total of our associations and aspirations. It’s crucial who you share your life with because they can dampen your drive towards the life you want.
  34. The strength of a relationship is seen in the nature and magnitude of problems that the relationship solves. A sound relationship can prescribe solutions to its own problems.
  35. The survival of a relationship is a joint responsibility of all parties involved. When a relationship is left to one party to keep alive, they will struggle and soon give up.
  36. True friends aren’t those who come to your celebrations only but those who faithfully identify with you when your world falls apart. Don’t count your friends when your purse is  overflowing.
  37. Unwillingness to identify with someone’s pain and suffering disarms you from seeking last minute affiliation in the person’s successes. It’s important to be wary of opportunists who specialize in sensing your good seasons & creeping in just in time to benefit from you.
  38. You are not in a relationship for what you can benefit but for what you can contribute. If you are possessed by a consumer mind-set then your relationships won’t last. Rather walk alone than be caught up in a forest of deception.
  39. You have to learn to compromise. When differences of opinion come you seem to fail to disagree amicably, it is time to strike a compromise.
  40. Your greatest asset in life are the relationships that you build. There are people whose lives have been impacted by your existence while you have also benefited from relationships.