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7 Jewels for your growth

1. The smallest particle that makes up the big success that you desire is called information. Access to information is what separates those who make it in life and those who are stuck in the realm of excuses and complaints. Increase your access to information and you suddenly you boost your access to opportunity.

2. They do not lie when they say information is power. When ignorance is reduced by half, chances of succeeding treble. You can never attain opportunities you are not aware of. You will use jewels to kill birds and bank notes to light fires in the absence of information on what those items truly are.

3. Run your life by principle and not by guess work. You have to come to a point where you are values driven in all your decision making. If you ignore principles, you will be tossed around by all whims and appearances of “opportunity”. Be loyal to your own standards and values. In the absence of standards, chaos is inevitable.

4. I would rather tell the truth and lose out than lie all the way and win. A lie as small as a grain of sand can create a reputational catastrophe big enough to decimate your chances to gain true success. A small lie will grow little by little. You graduate into a perpetual habit where you itch to lie unnecessarily with every sentence you create.

5. In any relationship, you have to be clear about what brings and binds you together. Doing so will help you be rational/reasonable about your expectations and careful enough not to crack the building blocks unnecessarily. Manage expectations well, preserve the values jealously and your relationship will thrive.

6. It becomes lonely at the top if you are a selfish, insecure and unaccommodating leader. Great leaders go up the ladder while pulling others to follow suit. If all you do is concern yourself with the title and not come to terms with the fact that leaders give birth to more leaders then be comfortable in your loneliness.

7. Do the best with what you have, where you are. Excellence is an art that requires consistency in terms of practice. If you are excellent with the small things, you are a candidate for the bigger assignments. Excellence is not a game of chance. It is supposed to be a lifestyle. If “average” is good enough for you, then you disqualify yourself from visibility