Publishing Achievements

Summary of Rabison Shumba’s Publishing Efforts

1. March 2010, The Greatness Manual blog was launched

2. May 2010, Participated in the HAHD (One hundred articles in one hundred days) marathon. Completed it in 45 days. The only one who qualified from Zimbabwe among 6 in Africa.

3. August 2010, at the end of 4th HAHD challenge, Rabison had completed 201 articles and was awarded a double honors award. Out 0f 2650 participants in the world, 220 qualified and only 68 with double honours.

4. September 2010, Rabison was selected among 101 Authors to co-author a book entitled 101 Great Ways to Enhance your Career. He is the only African in the book to have been selected. Book will be available on Amazon and major bookstores in early December 2010.

5. By October 2010, after 6 months of writing 1000 words a day continually, Rabison had written 4 books.

6. The Greatness Manual, Rabison’s first book was in print in 2011 and also available on as well as Watch this space for great discounts for any books in the pipeline.

7. Rabison entered the 5th edition of the Ezine Hundred Articles in Hundred Days (HAHD) in September 2010. He completed the marathon in 52 days.Competition ends on 31 December 2010.

8. Rabison is a columnist in a number of journals (such as Turnaround Management Journal), online newspapers as well as business magazines both in Zimbabwe and across the globe. Contact him for any articles you wish for him to write or authorize you publish.

9. In 2012 Rabison published his book; Fountain of Inspiration volume 1, a book he wrote using a cellular phone.

16 thoughts on “Publishing Achievements

  1. Rodwell Harinangoni

    Well done brother. I am proud of you. Let me know when the next HAHD edition begins. I want to be part of it. I am planning on a serious writing drive for 2011 with a couple of books in line. This may make the work easier actually.

    1. Rabison Shumba Post author

      Thank you sir. You published ahead of me and I love your book so you are ahead sir. I bought it twice and people keep getting attracted to it and before I know it they are gone with it. Will buy one more time this week again. How are you doing?


  2. George Mukamba

    Very impressive.Persistent;Patience and Faith(Confidence in God’s Word) pays.Keep up the great work.I can’t wait for the book.

  3. Monalisa

    Rabson my initial reaction to the Greatness Manual was aaah, anoother writer of “inspiration”. Everyone and anyone believes they have the right to say something to everyone…. but then i actaually read it. I then realise the best thing about most of the articles is that i can relate to most of the feelings coming from it, not only from being a fellow christian or zimbabwean but its like advise coming from my brother. You are not only saying it but living it too. So thank you for being that flag bearer of inspiration.

    May you be reachly blessed for allowing God to make you the inspiration you are today for not only me but soo many others out there. And congratulations for all the achievements so far.

    Truelly blessed Monalisa

    1. Rabison Shumba Post author

      My sister and very good friend. Thank you for the times we shared when you still loved Zimbabwe. Thank you for sharing in the pain and joys of my life. Indeed, I strive to be what I talk about. I live it out first and then tell others how it worked or didn’t work. I have seen that as a writer the temptation is to say what makes people feel good and remain immune to the advice you give out. I strive to live and say my experiences.

      Once again, your feedback is like fuel to my endeavors. As I follow my purpose, my desire is that I get others to follow their own purpose. I discovered my purpose not so long ago and I was wondering what on earth I was doing all along. I don’t consider it time lost but a lesson learned.

      We will see you in Joburg soon as I have a speaking engagement at a friend’s church this year.

      God bless you and your family. Tell them I love them and appreciate them.

      Rabison Shumba

      1. Monalisa

        please go ahead and use my comments, not a problem. And by the way i am no longer in Joburgh but am in Cape Town now.

        best regards

  4. evah

    Haibo, you are one blessed youngman with a bright future….when you answer a calling it gives the heavenly beings great pleasure and they will be with you all the way!! I am impressed by your achievements, determination, open mindedness, big heart and big smile…….

  5. George Madzima

    I like the idea of 1000 words per day…May be we could all try to do that… The problem is where to get the words. I have started posting my thoughts on face book. Thanks for the encouragement.

    1. Rabison Shumba Post author

      Dr George. Thanks for connecting and commenting. I am glad you are inspired to write more. I have slackened a bit due to pressure from studies I have been doing but the whole of 2010 i was able to surpass 1000 words a day. The idea is to just get started. Post what is in your mind. It does not matter if the thoughts are unrelated. Just keep writing and arrange later.

      Once more, thank you for touching base


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