Endorsements of The Greatness Manual

“Rabison Shumba is a refreshing voice who writes passionately about greatness. His work is unique and original. He amazingly weaves bits about his own life story into the production of this manual. Rabison firmly believes that greatness is like potential which can be developed. I fully recommend this work to anyone serious about pursuing their greatness. Be challenged to greatness as you work through this manual.”
Dr. T.A Makoni, MBA, DBA, DDS – Entrepreneur, Surgeon
Author of Nurturing Champions, Entrepreneurship on Trial

“The Greatness Manual is very clear, concise and instructive. It is a tool that everyone must possess to give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Truly, a must have for all leaders.”
Dr. Shingi Munyeza, DBA
Group CEO, African Sun Hotels, Africa

“Rabison introduces the reader to a culture of success. He is a true leader, quite unlike the hate mongers who only incite people to adopt a culture of failure and destitution. Such false leaders are not worth your respect and are certainly not your friends. Instead, follow the positive path illuminated by Rabison.”
Dr. Peter Raeth, PhD
Senior Research Engineer, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Witty, wise and relevant to so many aspects of life! Mr. Shumba has created a manual of common sense and ethics that focus introspectively on this generation and the deeper meanings of success. I did not hear a choir, but each section reads like a short sermon. In some cases I could imagine the inflections in Rabison’s voice. His transparency in verse makes him a “real” person to me and not someone pretending to be authentic. The points to ponder and affirm leave everyone thinking deeper about their own purpose in life. This manual fits any situation, is a perfect gift for a young man transitioning into adulthood, a focal point of a male support group, a devotional that one reads everyday and ponders on, a team building seminar and so on. The list is limitless. I can really see this work becoming an international bestseller. I am very impressed.
Jim Stroud
Atlanta, GA, USA – CEO, RecruitersLounge, Author

An impressive collection of well documented and articulated issues on success. Rabison has put together what he rightly calls a manual which acts as a reference guide for any individual who dares to be called a leader, an influencer and world- shaker. Reference to his own personal and business experiences makes it a practical guide which one can apply in their own area of endeavor. This book appeals across various domains to ensure that leaders are great in the creation of value. A must-read for serious people.
Dr. Edgar Makande, PhD
Business Consultant and University Business Lecturer

A critical tool for personal success, empowerment skills in “power thinking” and leadership competencies written in a simple, user friendly style that most people can benefit from.
Dr. Noah Masimba Pashapa, PhD
President – Zimbabwe Prison Ministries and Bishop – Life and Liberty Churches International, Zimbabwe

Buying a good recipe is one thing. The other thing is to correctly use the recipe. There are many cooks who hardly use their recipes. This manual is a challenge. Across all the recipe chapters the writer concludes by encouraging readers to be driven towards implementation. It offers life changing recipes that can transform business leaders, professionals and individuals if they can only dare to implement and implement again. This is a must read for greatness enthusiasts.
Dr. Khutula Sibanda, PhD
Zimbabwe/European Union Advisor

Rabison is one of the greatest motivators in the 21st Century. In this manual you will learn how to make your life everything you have always wanted it to be. He gives you principles to help you in business, leadership, family, professional work and at a personal level, all in one book.
Bishop Professor Washington Mahiya, DBS, B.A, B.M,
B.M (Hon), B.Min, B.Min (Hon), M.Th, MBA, M.A,
PhD, PhD, PhD (Candidate)
Christ Centre College Zimbabwe, Principal

This is a profound worthwhile book full of relevant insights for success and high achievers in today’s world and the future.
Dr. Bernard Chabata, M.A Leadership, DBL
Entrepreneur, Minister of the Gospel

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