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“I am loving the Greatness Manual, its greatness on its own” – Judith Dembetembe Chiyangwa, Entrepreneur, Social Scientist

“The Greatness Manual. I have copy and all of you should have one. How many of you are living each day doing what they love most, doing it better by the day. And have you seen the fruit of your efforts in life impact other people positively?. I notice most of the times we live the day by what it brings to us but little did I know I have greatness to bring to the day, living it the way I love.Thanks Rabison for your contribution to not only Zimbabwe but across the globe.” – Kudakwashe Chamboko, Financial Accountant

“THE GREATNESS MANUAL is one of the best books I have read over the past 4plus years in my own pursuit of the study of success. It is a book as you go through it it inspires you through the openness of the writer with his own life experiences. keep up the good work sir. Love your work am inspired.” – Remember Chaitezvi, Sound Management specialist

“The Greatness Manual is a mind opening book full of powerful information. On a personal level i have learned better tips on enhancing my business, benchmarking correctly, sharpening my network skills,the importance of effective communication etc. This book is a must read if you see yourself going to the next successful stage” Hazvinei Tawodzera, Entrepreneur

“The Greatness Manual is A MUST READ for those in pursuit of “real” Greatness! A MUST HAVE for those who are at a point where “ordinary” no longer cuts it. A MUST KEEP for those who are tired of running away from themselves and willing to look in the mirror and squeeze out all the pus that has accumulated over the years! A MUST REFERENCE for all leadership training – be it at kindergarten, primary school or at Head of State Level! The Greatness Manual is certainly a MUST PURCHASE in the year 2011 – the year of Walking in God’s Wisdom!” Debrah Malandu, Business Executive

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