2 thoughts on “The Greatness Manual

  1. Aston Mushowani

    the book is a real eye opener, that leads to introspection after one is exposed to knowledge that is meant to defy all odds that want to stand against Greatness. It is a masterpiece that seeks to answer questions about our destiny that is mistakenly taken to be fate by a number of us.
    as one reads, they can’t help but marvel at the concepts that are discussed therein. They are real and applicable in everyday life, erasing fear that so much cripples us and robs us of our destinies/victories and greatness.
    the way with which the book tackles greatness is interesting as greatness is not being measured subjectively but objectively. As a result one can relate to what’s in them, how they can tap into it until it impacts those around them.
    A must read for everyone….. housewives, mothers, brothers, teachers, students, community leaders, church folk, business leaders and all who care to succeed (not in the stereotypical success)


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