11 thoughts on “My Books

  1. Stewart Chibanda

    This is great Rabison. It is said that most of us only use 10% of our potential. I trust that your inspirational books will help people discover the other 90%

    Stewart Chibanda

    1. Rabison Shumba Post author

      Stewart. Thank you for your kind remarks. It is my desire that I help those I interface with to discover and maximize their potential. It is my contribution to humanity.

      Stay blessed.


  2. Gyanesh Singh

    I am glad i got to know you, your achievements and your contribution for Youth career enhancement is remarkable..

    Your quotes are very true and relating to everyone.

    i would like to quote you as a “SEDATE SOUL”.

  3. Felix

    Love your work Sir…..downloaded a sample of the greatness manual ….I’m loving it,contains sound and helpful principles that I’m definitely going to apply in my pursuit of greatness…. looking forward to any new work from you…..thank you…. God bless


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