7 Predictions for 2017


Welcome to the start of yet another year. Like most people, you are probably scratching your head wondering how this year will differ from the last one. You may have had a rough year in 2016 where everything seemed to go wrong. You have some goals you really wanted to achieve but for some reason those goals have remained so elusive it is even causing physical and emotion distress. The good news is that you are live to give your dreams and aspirations another chance. A new year ushers a fresh chance to try one more time. I have my own personal predictions about what may happen this year. Please follow these closely. The views are personal but I strongly feel these will happen.

1. IDEAS – People who make decisions to work hard and implement ideas will make significant progress. Idle chatter will see many exiting the year empty handed. Talk is very cheap that is why most people can afford it. So many people start the year saying “this is my year”. My question is always “you claimed last year to be yours and how much progress did you make? How many ideas did you implement?”. Take risks and see how far you will go.

2. NETWORKS – People who develop their networks will increase their chances of apprehending opportunities. Not many opportunities will fall on your laps without you talking to people. I often hear people saying “God is my supply”. True, God is your source but most of what you get in this lifetime will be supplied by people. It does not matter how nice you are, how wonderful your products are; if no one knows you and what you can do they will not move money into your life.

3. FACING OPPOSITION – People will continue to disappoint you through their lies and unwillingness to see you moving forward. Don’t be distracted by those who hate your success, be consumed totally by the love from a few who are not threatened by your progress. Every good thing will always have an opposing force and this is mainly through people.

4. TIME MANAGEMENT – Procrastinators will continue on the self-pity journey blaming everyone else but themselves for their stagnation. Those who manage time well and ordering their priorities will have a feel of success. We all have equal amount of time in a day or year. It is what we do that determines the quality and quantity of what we produce. Those who are wary about loss of time will really produce amazing value. Don’t leave until tomorrow what is due today.

5. FINANCIAL DISCIPLINE – Those who consume less than they earn will have a chance to practice a saving culture. Discipline with the little you get will take you very far this year. Saving for a rainy day will save your life and more importantly it will preserve the very dream that’s giving you income. It does not matter what your level of income is; if you start cultivating a culture of discipline around how money is spent you will start growing your income levels gradually.

6. BALANCED LIFE – People who strive to live a balanced life will make greater strides this year. Your life is not all about work, it is also about taking care of your health, setting aside time to do charity work, working on your personal development (attend that course, read that book), be there for your family among a host of other elements of your life. As they say, too much of anything is not good. Realise this year that your life is not all about work at the expense of everything else that is important to you.

7. PERPETUAL HUNGER– Those who remain inquisitive and expectant stand a greater chance to strike gold. If you have a mouth you should never get lost. The gap between success and failure could just be a question. Have a mind that is ready to absorb new information this year. Information is power; if you go out looking for information you will increase in relevance and usefulness this year. As you feed on new information you increase your ability to feed others.

All the best in 2017. More than just reading this see what you can work on of the things above. Tell me how your story reads at the end of the year.

4 thoughts on “7 Predictions for 2017

  1. Sibusisiwe Ndhlovu

    Thank you Rabson. In addition, with all the gloom and doom one needs to be positive in whatever situation to avoid all energy being literally ducked up. All in all in pursuit of excellence there is need to execute because resolutions which are just on paper without execution are merely wishes. One has to strive for what one believes in, execute and leave the rest to God. After all he has a plan for all of us to make a difference.

    1. rshumba Post author

      Wow. I am in awe of the comment you have just made. I should one day co-author a book with you on issues of this nature. Your comment is rich. Think about it and lets talk someday.


      1. Sibusisiwe Ndhlovu

        That would be amazing…With humility,I have thought about writing a book or books for a while. One thing I know,. I have to write a book or books one day…. I have been following your articles and they resonate a lot. You are doing a great job, which is really not a job if you are doing what you love.

        1. Kudzai Dakwa

          Thanx for the encouraging words ,i am justing anew job and these predicaments have meant a lot to me on my view of certain circumstances you face.I hope to get a chance to meet you one of these days


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