40 Heroes that touched my life in the last 40 years

Rab Heroes
I am where I am because of people whose voices I have listened to; whose paths I have tried to follow and whose lives I have observed and learnt from. In this post I am looking at just 40 of those people in no particular order. There are certainly way more than 40 I can think of but these have left a definite indelible mark in my career and personal development. This is my way to say “Thank you” to all of you for imparting something in my life.
  • Dr. John C. Maxwell (USA) – I have learnt a lot about leadership from you sir. I teach on this subject and always quote your principles. Thank you.
  • Dr. DrStem Mahlatini (USA) – You took me under your wings. You endorsed my books and gave me space on your radio show.
  • Dr. David Molapo (RSA) – A phone call away. Always there to coach and guide.
    Tumi Frazier (RSA) – a great friend whose work I admire. Thank you for endorsing my books.
  • Brian Tracy (USA) – a great writer and speaker. Thank you for co-authoring a book with me. You have raised me.
  • Dr. Myles Munroe (Bahamas) – I have followed you from 1997. A great leadership expert whose principles I agree with.
  • President Barack Obama (USA) – A great leader; breaking the ice, building generations. A great orator.
  • Justin Cohen (RSA) – You have taught me to present well. Thank you sir.
  • Amby Charles Ray (USA) – A great writer. I have learnt a lot from you as an individual during your time in Zimbabwe.
  • Jackie Edwards Shumba (Zim) – Daily I get your advice. Thank you for being my wife. You support my work immensely.
  • Pastor Tom Deuschle (Zim) – A great man of God with a huge vision. Thank you for inspiring me to dream.
  • Dr. Sam Chand (USA) – Thank you for helping me with my books. Wow. I love your work Dr.
  • Bishop Tudor Bismarck (Zim) – Great ministry. Phone call away. Always there to listen and guide. Bless you
  • Bishop Manhanga (Zim) – I gave my life to Christ in your church. My marriage officer. You invested a lot in me.
  • Dr. Mensa Otabil (Ghana) – The Genius. Your sermons have touched my life over the years. I love to have a mind like yours.
  • Rev Murray Cornelius (Canada) – You gave me hope and courage. You listened. You gave a helping hand all the time.
  • Dr. Mike Murdock (USA) – You endorsed my work. You are always encouraging me to push forward. Thank you.
  • Dr. Goodwill Shana (Zim) – Your prophecy in my life is coming to pass. Thank you for being an integral part of my life.
  • Bishop Michael Pitts (USA) – You have built me and many Zimbabweans around. Thank you for great sermons and teachings.
  • Dr. John Stanko (Zim) – You did a Foreword of my first book. You took me under your wings and guided my writing.
  • Strive Masiyiwa (Zim) – For being a role model in business. Thank you for touching lives in this nation and beyond.
  • Bill Gates (USA) – I am originally a Microsoft Engineer and I have been inspired by your philanthropic work too.
  • Douglas Mboweni (Zim) – My current boss. You are an amazing business man. I am learning daily from your life.
  • Warren Buffet (USA) – Your template in business is invigorating. Thank you Warren.
  • Nigel Chanakira (Zim) – Phone call away. You stepped out and built a business using kingdom principles. Awesome
  • Dr. Ola-Vincent Odulele (Nigeria) – You inspired my ministry and writing gift. Thank you Dr. You are amazing.
  • Dr. Tawafadza Makoni (Zim) – You fanned the writing and speaking flame. You inspire me daily. Great mentor and coach.
  • Dr. Peter Raeth (USA) – You came to Zimbabwe for the first time to help me build young people. You took a plunge that many are afraid to do. You keep investing in my books and non profit work.
  • Dr. Shingi Munyeza (Zim) – You have given me space in your busy schedule; to learn from you. You endorsed my work.
  • Allan Dubon (USA) – My Social media mentor. Thank you Allan. There is a bigger reason I met you. Thank you for endorsing my work.
  • Dr. Noah. M. Pashapa (Zim) – Man of ethics. You have taken me under your wings; endorsed my work and showed me the ropes.
  • Dr. Charles Mugaviri (Zim) – Man of purpose. Thank you for your great mentorship and endorsing my work.
  • Lou Tice (USA) (late) – TPI course changed my life. You shaped my thinking processes.
  • Quincy Oliver (USA) – A great man; great speaker; great brother. Thank you for investing my life and endorsing my work.
  • Isaac Jeche (Zim) – A brother whose voice I listen to. Thank you for standing with me when all else was shaky ground.
  • Steven R. Covey (USA) (late) – You have shaped my thinking and speaking. Your work remains in my life. Thank you for endorsing my work.
  • Simon Cohen (UK) – Thank you for teaching me how to speak for a living.
  • Elimon Tagwirei Mapuranga (my late father) and Dainah Mapuranga (my mother) – Great parents. I could not ask for better parents. You raised me to be who I am. Invested in my destiny.
  • Matilda Pugede (Zim) – You showed me the path to Christ. You witnessed to me in a brilliant way. Invited me to church and now we are still friends 16 years later.

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