7 Issues Everyone Must Confront In Life

ShumbasOne thing most people shy away from is confrontation. Not everyone is wired or born with genes that encourage that. I am one person who was born an expert at running away from situations that require a head-on collision with situations, people and circumstances. I would find the smart way out, creatively avoiding confrontation as much as possible. As I grew up I realized that for my success and future prospects, I needed to be intentional about the things I needed to confront. For a long time I thought other people needed to help me confront the issues I had gathered over time but I soon realized it was my sole duty. Now I can tell others about it because I confront the issues below regularly. It is a life long process.

1. Past – Many fail to make strides into the future because they have literally given license and rights to the past issues to jump into the present. Face your failures and learn from them, look at your successes and aim higher. Don’t rest on them. Your past remains your past. You have no control over it. Today you have a chance to rewrite the “new past” that will be talked of in your future. Confront your issues so that you don’t keep blaming it on what happened before. Take responsibility with both hands now.

2. Purpose – There is no one who can stand with others and claim not to have purpose. It is there. You may not know it yet. Your job is to confront this issue genuinely seeking to find where your passions lay. You cannot roam around resting on the purposes of others. You have your own mandate why you occupy space. Discover it and run with it. The longer you take to confront the matter the shorter you may live a fulfilled life. You only get fulfilled when you do what you love best even without being paid for it.

3. Personality – no one can ever deal with your personality better than you. People usually shy away from who they really are when no one else is watching. A good personality is usually the one that stands heads and shoulders above others receiving so much favor with man. If you fail to confront your own personality you will always think people are hard on you. Be realistic about this issue. Your life depends on your person-hood or personality.

4. Perception of self – How you see yourself matters. Confront the mirror every so often. It is not madness. See your own perception. Hear yourself speak, see yourself smile. If you do not know what you are good at, people will take you for granted and ride on your low self esteem. Square your shoulders always and realize you are somebody.

5. Present circumstances – Where you are presently has a bearing on how far you will go in life and how fast that will take. Where you are now should be scrutinized in view of the vision you set for yourself. If you cannot interrogate your present circumstances then time will fly past and you are bound to be in the same place in the future. You can change your present circumstance for the better.

6. Plan for the future – You should not just stumble on your future. One should plan for it and ensure they walk into a defined and well envisioned future. If you cannot see yourself in the future then you will not be able to walk towards it.

7. Potential – You are as good as the potential in you that is realized. It is not good enough to say “I think I am capable of this” when in actual fact you are not prepared to confront what you are good at. Unrealized potential remains exactly that. It remains a pie in the sky, a wish never realized. Everyone is somebody even when no tag is put on your forehead. You have potential only if you exploit it to the maximum. Expose yourself to environments and situations that enhance your growth and development. Who says you are not the next best story.

7 thoughts on “7 Issues Everyone Must Confront In Life

  1. Lloyd

    Some challenging thoughts. I have realized that you rarely refer to the bible for faith and inspiration in most of your contributions (not that it is a must, but given the Christian backround I know about you). I notice some rare talent in you. A personal question, what inspires you?

    1. rshumba Post author

      Thank you Lloyd. My inspiration can only be from God. He is the one that endows us with gifts and abilities. while I may not quote the Bible with every line you can sense that this is the Bible packaged differently. When I do my daily devotions and Bible reading, I write whatever comes to mind as the day goes; inspired by what I see, interactions I hear or participate in, counsel I give others etc. You can never tell what will inspire you to write the next line. All I have is I carry a target of a certain number of words every day (usually 1000 or more).

  2. Daniel Mususa

    Indeed the Past is a huge obstacle. Many times we fail to draw the line on what we must learn and take from the past and what we need to learn to let go from the past. The past is a big animal that we have to kill skillfully and effectively.

    1. rshumba Post author

      Certainly Daniel. If you leave your past to play with your present, the two may give birth to a monster than can impede your future.

  3. Allan Dubon

    This is a skill that too many people do not have. There are far too many people who run around aimlessly complaining that life is not fair to them, but they have yet to do an ounce of planning.

    Lloyd, I dislike your comment. First of all Rabison is an amazing individual inspiring thousands. Where do you stand in such perfection that you feel it is your right to judge him and call him out like you did. He is a man that lives his faith. He does not feel it necessary to “show how Christian” he is. He follows the principle outlined by our great leader:

    Rabison lives it in his heart not having to prove his Christianity to anyone other than his master. It frustrates me when I see people telling other people they are not Christian enough.


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