7 Reflections From New York City

As I left New York City to go to Saltlake City (Utah) on the 4th of September 2011, a couple of thoughts came to mind. 7 major pointers I leave with you as I reflect on the New York Experience.

1. You owe it to yourself to stand-up fore justice and equality. We are born with justice flowing in our veins. The cares of this world, the desire for competitiveness and the belief in the finite nature of resources wipes away every figment of tolerance of others over time.

2. No matter how good a leader you think you are, you will never be immune to criticism. You should continue achieve in the face of criticism not out of fear of it. Keep your agenda clear, take one more step forward. History is made through decisions, popular or unpopular. Keep a thick skin to absorb criticism and yet maintain a soft heart to embrace the views of others.

3. It is never the eloquence of speech that people salute you as leader. What makes an indelible mark in the hearts and lives of people is evidence of your toil that translates to tangible benefits. A leader’s mandate is to get involved in the day to day issues of those he/she serves.

4. It is a waste of energy to apologize for living out your purpose. You owe no-one an explanation. As a matter of fact, those outside you may never understand the purpose behind what you do. Even if they fail to catch-up, what matters is the fulfillment of your assignment before the end of your life.

5. The quantum of your intentions matter less than actions that produce results. Words have never changed the world. Words backed by positive action have a greater meaning. Therefore, measure a man not on the basis of his promises but on what he delivers.

6. Material resources are not the source of national greatness. Nations are great when every citizen is assured of their own individual right to dream and implement his/her own ideas. Resources should be used as dream-enablers for every citizen.

7. Injustices that lay in the past should never be ignored. In order to make strides, the old chapter must be closed properly, apologies offered by the offender and accepted by the victim. Sometimes we fail to blossom in our potential (as individual or nations) owing to the pain that decorates the past and laminated to our present.

Bonus Points: The preservation of values, norms and national heritage/identity is a collective responsibility of a nation’s citizens. You do not wait till you have a high office to contribute to a nation’s growth and pride. Start where you are with what you have and see the nation progress at high speed.

I urge you to look around your community and see what you can do as a family or even as an individual. Make it your goal to create the community you will be proud of in times to come. Problems should not be your reason for leaving your community, they should be the reason why you stick around to ensure they become solutions.

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