7 Lessons I have learnt from Washington D.C

I am in Washington DC on an International Visitors Leadership Programme. While I am here, the following lessons came to mind from the various sessions.

1.  Wishing for time with the KING is important. However, it is more vital that before the wish comes you are preparing a relevant MESSAGE. Your language on the street should stay on the street. ROYALTY has protocol, procedure and parameters. PREPARE yourself. The king also needs to hear your witty IDEAS. Looking down on yourself will never help you. Stand tall and bring SOLUTIONS to the table of endeavour. The king will listen.

2. Never underscore the power of positive RELATIONSHIPS. Relations form the essential fabric that builds your intended SUCCESS. Your GREATNESS is in the networks you make. The resources you will ever need in life are in the NETWORKS you build. Be in a network to also GIVE and not just take. Relationships will always propel you beyond where your Intellect, money or even experience have taken you. Start today. Who are the people around you. Can you help them and they in turn help you?

3. You may never aspire past your level of EXPOSURE. As far as it depends on you, make every effort to be DELIBERATE about seeking ways to enhance your AWARENESS. You can never know it all. There is always something else you can learn from the ones around you. Avoid imposing LIMITATIONS on who you can be in life. You can achieve SUCCESS if you have unwavering determination to work and walk towards it

4. Young people form the backbone of the present and future of any nation. No longer with they stand on the sidelines of DEVELOPMENT. No longer will they be passengers on the DESTINY bus but the drivers of global VISION. There is no better time than today for young people to STAND UP and be counted as CONTRIBUTORS in making of national heritage and history. Ignore young people and be prepared to fore-go their perceived POTENTIAL

5.  You should never be consumed by the desire for TITLES at the expense of the TASK at hand. Titles are secondary. POWER is a great temptation but like any other force, it can be overcome. FOCUS on what has to be done and achieve it. You will still gain power as your works do follow you while your REPUTATION is ahead of you.

6. No matter how diverse we are in PERSONALITY and OPINION, we should never be divided on that which concerns NATIONAL development interest. Our DIVERSITY is an asset which we must leverage on. After all, it is our differences that attract us to each other. If we all thought alike, behaved alike and agreed on every form of thought or suggestion, this world would not be as interesting. Diversity promotes CREATIVITY and INNOVATIVE thinking.

7. You may never live to see your own DREAM come true but you must dream anyway. You may never taste the benefits of your SACRIFICES and pain but persevere anyway. Your social status may never change in your lifetime while you fight for the common good, stay on track regarless. You can never call it victory unless you contend with opposing forces to the end. VICTORY is sweeter than the process towards it.


You take for granted things that you did not work for. You can easily misuse OPPORTUNITIES that came on a silver platter.  MATURITY and WISDOM calls on you to exercise and value every blessing you have access regardless of what you did or did not do to receive it. Count, cherish and preserve every blessing so that it is better when you pass it on to those behind you.

2 thoughts on “7 Lessons I have learnt from Washington D.C

  1. zandile masuku

    Eve,this is stunning.Now my question to you is…..

    How does one get were you are now?They say there is always a better way,but how does one know if it is the better way unless you ask who are there how hey got ther.


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