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7 Corporate Sins to Avoid


There is no leader without flaws and neither is there an organization that is perfect. Corporate leadership however needs to realize that according to the late Dr. Edwin Cole “the character of the kingdom emanates from the character of the King”. Leadership has a major role to play in ensuring that the organization survives any economic weather that seeks to destroy the ship. In fighting economic woes and pressures, there are however corporate sins which are tantamount to you digging a grave and writing an obituary for your business. I am probably mentioning these not as a way of exonerating myself as a leader but pointing something that I have done or seen first-hand.

1.   Failure to see value in employees – no matter how amazing your vision or idea is, it requires more than just the founder to get it off the ground. You need to ensure that you hire the right people or at least people who can be trained to give you value. Having them on your team is not a guarantee that they will produce value; take a step further and ensure that you value their contribution and reward them accordingly left your business becomes training ground for other companies or markets.

2.   Investing blindly without due diligence – no entrepreneur throws money around like grain. You are not in business just to gain the title of business man or woman. You are in a business because you want to make money. Before you run with your ideas (or fantasies) you need expert advice on feasibility of the idea. Before any mergers and acquisitions please read widely about the business you want to acquire lest you be deceived into buying a shell that may never develop into something of value.

3.   Refusal to move with the times – the business landscape is forever changing. Your business probably has smarter, faster and more agile competition than it had 2 years ago. Consumer appetites keep evolving. Spending culture is forever changing as well. As a smart entrepreneur your role is to keep studying the trends and immediately positioning your business to remain relevant to the customer. Mobile Technology is bringing another fresh form of competition. If your business was to manufacture cameras or take photos you now have families having their own state of the art mobile phones taking better pictures on the go. Adapt or die.

4.   Taking customers for granted – Your business exists to solve a customer need. Getting a customer is one thing. It is a costly exercise but keeping one happy is a venture you need to invest in. Customers can easily move next door because there is now a multiplicity of options. Customer centricity remains a key element which determines if people will stay with you or not. Never assume that customers are still with you. Do surveys from time to time. Do “brand health” checks using independent companies. It is easy to go bankrupt as customers leak one at a time until you have no-one to serve. Customer remains king / queen as the old adage goes. Pay attention to their cries even those cries that are not outwardly expressed.

5.   Paying lip service to quality issues – The business environment is very turbulent the world over. Markets are shrinking, competition is biting every day. As such, business people tend to try and “cut corners” as a way of staying profitable. In Zimbabwe we have seen customers rising to complain about how quality of products have gone down over time. If one customer takes to social media to complain about your quality of products and services, bear in mind they have a sphere of influence that feeds from their palms. Sooner or later your brand goes down the drain. You have yourself and your team to blame. A pork pie making company in Zimbabwe had a rude awakening when one customer started posting about the reduction in the amount of meat in a pie. They have since corrected this but it cost them a lot to repair damaged trust as the complaint went viral in no time.

6.   Dicing with financial indiscipline – You can tell who a person really is when there is enough money around them to spend on anything they want. You then see priorities shifting. As an entrepreneur, the biggest you can ever make is assuming every dollar in the bank is yours and therefore you start making personal decisions on money that is not even yours. That is greed. It is easy to spend the tax authorities’ money on holidays only to come back and experience serious garnishes. We have seen a proliferation of companies closing down all because they used money meant for other statutory obligations. We have even seen law firms spending trust funds meant for customers. Whatever line of business you are in, only spend that which is yours.

7.   Lack of Corporate Governance – This is closely tied to sin number 6 above. I would like to single this one out completely. Businesses grow and succeed to the level of leadership they have. The board oversees the organization setting policies and helping with strategic direction. However, there are boards that exist to meet and have coffee while the house burns. There are CEOs who tell the board what to do especially if the CEO is the founder. This defeats the whole purpose hence accountability, transparency and effective decision making flies through the window. As a founder, pick people whose voice you respect, people who can tell you to your face when you stray not people who will applaud you for your dumbest decisions just to stay in position as a board member. If your organization is ungovernable then you either remain a “brief case” organization or you prepare to close shop someday, soon. 

What are your experiences? What have you seen in your own world? Share with us in the comments section. Let’s talk about this.

7 Great Desires Every Human Possesses

Desires - finerminds dot comPicture Courtesy of

Every individual is wired to gravitate towards a certain set of desires. There are desires you are born with, which grow with you over time and then there are those which develop as you raise your level of awareness. As an individual, it is vital to understand what other people desire so that you are best positioned to tailor a response and action plan to meet or surpass those desires. It is when you meet their desires that you are considered to have made a difference in their lives. It does not take rocket science to understand an individual. Simply check what the person desires, meet the desire and you will surely become their best friend.

  1. Desire for leadership and influence – Everyone is born with genes that gravitate towards leadership. In any situation, a human being seeks to understand who the leader is. In other instances a human being has an inborn desire to just lead whether someone asks for it or not. With leaderships comes influence and that is the cry in most hearts. Personally, wherever you put me, I find myself taking a leadership role sometimes subconsciously. Why is that so? I would be fulfilling an innate desire to lead and be a person of influence.
  1. Desire for achievement and recognition – People generally have a desire to be valued and taken seriously. There is an inborn quest for achievement which purchases the much needed recognition. No matter how much you thwart this desire, it remains strong. One may not achieve in academics but you may see them desire to achieve in sports. There is certainly at least one area in your life from where you derive recognition through high achievement. What is that one area? As for me, I am a natural high-achiever who detests underwhelming performances in whatever I do. I always have goals ahead of me which I aim to achieve. With each achievement comes recognition.
  1. Desire for affirmation and encouragement- Human beings thrive on affirmation and encouragement to do greater things. Greatness can be ignited when there is a voice that gives the much awaited hope and encouragement. Do you desire to see other people around you rising in their performance? Just affirm them, show you believe in them, encourage them and watch. Personally if I am affirmed, I rise like a lion wanting to conquer the impossible. Even the motivator that I am also desires to be motivated by others from time to time.
  1. Desire for power and authority – this is a desire to be seen to be in charge with everything under control. Power and leadership are different. There is an innate desire to control and manipulate situations or overrule the status quo. Authority exercised outside of proper channels becomes illegitimate. Mankind desires to be seen to be having the power to cause change and make things happen. There is nothing that beats the feeling of being given authority over a task or project. I am a friendly leader but I am also very firm and I take authority when I see situations getting out of hand.
  1. Desire for success and significance – with this is the desire to be financially secure, wealthy and happy. People work and toil seeking success and a happy life. It does not come easy most of the time. It comes after repeated efforts to consistently produce results. This desire can be one of the most frustrating as it calls for the individual to put effort to bring it to pass. It is also terrible if you have a warped definition of success-centered around accumulation of things. You will see a lack of money as not being successful whereas you can have all the material resources in the world and lack peace, direction, purpose and happiness which are all critical for success.
  1. Desire for networking and companionship – Mankind was not born for independence but for community. There is an inherent desire to always want to network with others and have mutually beneficial relationships. Relationships are more important than cash or education. They take you further than your imagination. The reason you develop your linguistic abilities in life is so that you commune with others, you understand those around you so as to better serve them and also place a demand on those serving you. That is a desire for community and social networking. The success of social media platforms in our generation is a testament to the fact that networking is in all of us in varying proportions.
  1. Desire for knowledge and wisdom – This refers to the enriching of the mind. Every mind desires to know and store more. Wisdom is the detonation engine for ignorance. Everyone has a desire to always explore more. Sadly some sit on this desire and stagnation settles in leading to boredom, depression and in some cases loss of life. As you grow physically, your mind always desires to accumulate more information. Unfortunately with this desire comes the accumulation of junk which is sometimes hard to let go as it then ferments into your character.

7 Issues Everyone Must Confront In Life

confrontationPicture: Courtesy of WritersWhoKill

One thing most people shy away from is confrontation. Not everyone is wired or born with genes that encourage that. I am one person who was born an expert at running away from confronting situations, people and circumstances. I would find the smart way out, creatively avoiding confrontation as much as possible. As I grew up I realized that for my success and future prospects, I needed to be intentional about the things I needed to confront. For a long time I thought other people needed to help me confront the issues but I soon realized it was my sole responsibility. It is a life-long process. Below are some key issues you need to confront.

1. Past – Many fail to make strides into the future because they have literally given license and rights to the past issues to jump into the present. Face your failures and learn from them, look at your successes and aim higher. Don’t rest on them. Your past remains your past. You have no control over it. Today you have a chance to rewrite the “new past” that will be talked of in your future. Confront your issues so that you don’t keep blaming it on what happened before. Take responsibility with both hands now.

2. Purpose – There is no one who can stand with others and claim not to have purpose. It is there. You may not know it yet. Your job is to confront this issue genuinely seeking to find where your passions lay. You cannot roam around resting on the purposes of others. You have your own mandate why you occupy space. Discover it and run with it. The longer you take to confront this matter the shorter you may live a fulfilled life. You only get fulfilled when you do what you love best even without being paid for it. In 2010, I had to search deep within asking myself the question “why do I exist? What do I want to be remembered for?”. After a series of strategic sessions with myself I discovered that my purpose is “to create greatness in others through inspiration”. That alone sparked the journey I am on today.

3. Personality – no one can ever deal with your personality better than yourself. People usually shy away from who they really are when no one else is watching. A good personality is usually the one that stands heads and shoulders above others receiving so much favor with man. If you fail to confront your own personality you will always think people are hard on you. Be realistic about this issue. Your life depends on your person-hood or personality. What kind of person do your friends think you are? Kind? Mean? Generous? Embrace the feedback and make amends where you fall short.

4. Perception of self – How you see yourself matters. Look in the mirror and be objective about what the mirror communicates back to you. See your own perception. Hear yourself speak, see yourself smile. If you do not know what you are good at, people will take you for granted and ride on your low self esteem. Square your shoulders always and realize you are somebody. People’s perception is usually determined by the way you perceive yourself. They simply come along to endorse how you see yourself. If all you see in yourself is a grasshopper then you will soon be hopping around. See the giant that rests within. See the successful person you are becoming.

5. Present circumstances – Where you are presently has a bearing on how far you will go in life and how fast that will take. Where you are now should be scrutinized in view of the vision you set for yourself. If you cannot interrogate your present circumstances then time will fly past and you are bound to be in the same place in the future. You can change your present circumstance for the better. Some of the situations we go through in life are not necessarily to harm us or prove that we are failures, they are probably there to make us stronger. You cannot issues by pretending that they don’t exist or by sweeping them under a carpet. Your present challenge will not go away simply because you have incubated it. If anything, it could be growing and you will still need to face it when it now a mature challenge.

6. Plan for the future – You should not just stumble on your future. You should plan for it and ensure you walk into a defined and well envisioned future. If you cannot see yourself in the future then you will not be able to walk towards it. I like a quote I saw once that said “the best way to predict the future is to create it”. There are things in your future that you can control. You have a part to play in determining what that future is. Start what you plan and finish what you start.

7. Potential – You are as good as the potential in you that is realized. It is not good enough to say “I think I am capable of this” when in actual fact you are not prepared to confront what you are good at. Unrealized potential remains exactly that. It remains a pie in the sky, a wish never realized. Everyone is somebody even when no tag is put on their forehead. You have potential only if you exploit it to the maximum. Expose yourself to environments and situations that enhance your growth and development. Who says you are not the next best story.

7 Guidelines to a Productive Day

Productivivity - Lifehack(Picture Courtesy of

How many times have you set to attack a day and yet towards the end of the day you could hardly account for the running you did all day? How many times have you entered a day with no clue what you wanted to achieve but in the end still remained frustrated and unproductive. These are commons situations that professionals face daily. One’s productivity is a result of intentional and deliberate decision to aspire for and work towards productivity. You can never attain what you cannot measure. You can never enjoy life in the absence of productivity. Life calls for you to be proactive and deliberate about your own happiness as a professional. Happiness is a result of all that is desired being achieved within the set time. This article was birthed out of several disruptions to my fruitfulness. I watched and monitored how my time had been wasted and sought to change the way I did things. It worked phenomenally for me and I know it will work for anyone who is deliberate and intentional.

1. Determine you major and minor goals for the day – The main issue is knowing which issues are important and which ones are secondary to the main purpose. If you fail to plan your day, anything that comes will destroy your attention and focus. You will be tired after running around and yet not have the desired result. Work with the desired result in mind. Start what you plan and finish what you start. I have noticed that if I get into a day without clarity of what I want to achieve, disaster and fruitlessness become imminent.

2. Stick to your plan– It is one thing to have a meetings schedule, it is another ball game to stick to what you purposed in 1 above. It calls for a high level of discipline to do so. Avoid over stretching meetings unnecessarily. Stick to the point. Stick to the budget. Whatever was not planned for at the start of the day may not suddenly be the main focus for the day. There are exceptions to this but in general terms, what was planned should be accomplished. Prioritize issues based on importance and urgency.

3. Watch out for disruptions – While you are planning your day, other people are planning their appointments with you but they feel that there is no need to inform you. Watch out for such time wasters. People must get used to booking appointments to see you. Anyone should have a diary that they can stick to in order to be organized. Watch out for unplanned visitors and calls with no real value or agenda. Over time, my friends and family have come to realise that without an appointment, it is almost impossible to hijack me.

4. Occupy the idle moments – There is a lot stuff you can cover in between meetings or while driving from one place to the next. You can use that time to listen to an audio book. You can use waiting time to catch up on the news and so on. There are things you would rather not do during prime time, when you mind is fresh. I made a point not to read the newspaper at the start of the day. Newspapers tend to carry depressing issues which can scuttle your effectiveness and focus. When I am waiting for someone who is late, I use that time to write until the meeting starts. I have no business whining, I rather work as I wait.

5. Put reminders on the computer or mobile phone – alarms will ensure you don’t forget what you have set to do. I carry my phones with me as they help me stay organized. I set the reminders; synchronize my phone with other gadgets that I use more often. It works like magic for me. As you get busier in your career, you may require someone or something to keep you reminded of the things you need to achieve.

6. Avoid over-promising your stakeholders – Productivity is usually scuttled because you would have promised far too many people big things that are not attainable in the given space of time. Be realistic with your promises. People will judge you based on your commitments to them. I am not afraid to advise those who have expectations from me of the amount of time it will take however long it maybe. This is better than promising heaven on earth.

7. Measure, correct and journal your experiences – You can never improve on something you are not deliberately recording and revisiting. You should be able to measure or score against all given tasks how productive each day was. When you journal you are able to come up with lessons on how to make it better the next time.

If you feel this article is of great help, share it with someone or with your team. I am committed to your effectiveness and success.

Towards a Better Africa – 16June – Norway

On the 16th of June 2015 I had the awesome privilege to officially open the Bergen Afro Arts Festival in Bergen, Norway. This was the day of the African Child hence the topic “Towards a Better Africa”. Find the abridged transcribed presentation below.

Brothers and Sisters
Both near and far

We are gathered on a very important day in the history of Africa. June 16 is a day that will be remembered for generations. We reflect on the impressive boldness of young men and women who stood up against the injustices of the day to usher in change that many enjoy to this day.

As we celebrate the Day of the African Child, we must repeat the message that the continent of Africa expects the youth of today to follow in the footsteps of the 1976 youth and become agents of change, this time in the continuing struggle to achieve the goal of a better life for all our people.

Whereas the youth of 1976 fought against inferior education as part of the struggle for freedom, today’s youth should confront illiteracy and lack of skills as part of the struggle for development.

History is only useful to the degree that we can draw lessons from it that we can use today to chat the course for the future. Below are some lessons we can use to work “Towards a Better Africa”

1. We need a legacy mind-set.

  • As African youths, we have a mandate to build lasting value rather than focussing on scattering value. We have to realise that future generations rely on what we are building today and they will hold all of us accountable for the actions or lack thereof from the present generation. We marvel as we reflect on the legacy and heritage from events in the 70s. The bravery and determination of those young people will be talked about for generations. What will our own generation be remembered for? Lost generation? Most divided generation? A generation that failed to think of the future but chose to satisfy the hunger of the moment? Should our legacy centre on how intolerant we were for immigrants that came into our space to the point of burning them alive? What is the one indelible contribution that we seek to bring to the table as young Africans regardless of where in the world we are living now? If we can find that one thing, let us work on it.
  • As leaders of the future, we have to be thinking of the future we desire to see and not be confined and constricted by the dictates and demands of the moment. Tomorrow is shaped by today’s actions. Today is the tomorrow we spoke about yesterday. What we do today is either shaping or destroying our heritage and legacy.

2. We need a winner’s mind-set

  • Success and failure have one common source or denominator. They are both products of the mind. We have to win in our minds before we can win with our hands. The biggest battle we will ever face in life is not physical; rather it is between our ears. If you go to the battlefront with a defeatist mind-set, you would have sealed your fate. It is called a self-fulfilling prophecy. If we continue to think that we do not amount to anything we will succeed at being nonentities. If we think we are candidates for greatness, everything about us will be mobilised to make sure that success is attained speedily. The mind reminds the seedbed for success. It is also the factory for failure. We need mental re-engineering or re-wiring; we need a thinking that does not propel our inferiorities, inabilities, insecurities and shortcomings, but one that sees possibilities and opportunities beyond measure.
  • For us to shape our thinking we need to start speaking and affirming ourselves about what is possible. At the same time we need to guard what we listen to. We are products of what we repeatedly hear. What you hear over and over again, you begin to believe, what you believe you start promoting, what you promote you being to do effortlessly, what you do repeatedly forms your habitual life, your habits generate a successful future or degenerate into failure. You are where you are today as a result of the mind-set you have built over time. We have to start speaking those things that are not as though we have attained them. Our experiences have shaped our mind-sets and therefore it is time to shape the winner in us through what we say. We therefore need to be careful what we say about a fellow African. We have to keep raising each other, encouraging each unto great works.

3. We need solutions driven mind-set.

  • There is no amount of feeling sorry, mourning or complaining that will ever change our fortunes as young Africans. Africa’s turnaround is premised on creation of solutions daily for the ever-changing shape and magnitude of African problems. Regardless of location, the African child needs to drive solutions where it matters the most, the homeland we all love.
  • There is no challenge facing Africa that does not have an expiry date. Every problem has a solution laminated on its body. The challenge is; are our eyes open to see beyond the challenges to reach for the opportunity and solution. We have to start getting our hands dirty, rolling up our sleeves and work towards a better Africa. They say success comes before Work only in the dictionary. If we all embrace a mind-set that we are the solutions that Africa needs, we will pull in the same direction and cause an unprecedented turnaround.
  • Africa is not short of ideas, what I find lacking across the continent is the willingness to implement ideas – make them a living reality – make ideas solutions to African problems. A lot of young people cry across the continent. The cry is centred around lack of opportunities and yet all they need to do is implement what is already in the mind. We should never die while holding to seeds of our own greatness. You never know who will benefit from your idea.
  • Money flows in the direction of value. We must quit wishing for prosperity of the continent when we are not willing to trade our solutions for the value we wish to have. Do what you can with what you have to get what you want. It does not matter what area of endeavour you are in. We must disabuse ourselves of the notion that you only succeed in specific fields. For as long as you are willing to work on solutions and you do so with excellence, people will scramble for your attention.
  • Lets start what we plan and finish what we start. Who are we waiting for? The season for waiting for those outside Africa to bring aid is long gone. It is time for a fair exchange of value. Let us see Africa for what it can be rather than focus on what it used to be known for. We have a responsibility to reshape Africa’s fortunes.
  • We have enough consumers across the continent; we need more contributors. We must not rest on what already is but also look on what we can create now.

4. We need a mind-set that makes decisions, now

  • We will never achieve much as a continent if we are not willing to make decisions when called upon to do so. Yes, decisions mean some level of risk. Our generation has to realise that where there is no pain there is no meaningful gain. We always think we have time hence we have become procrastination experts. The fortunes of our lives and those of the continent could be buried in the graveyard of procrastination. Our generation loves to create comfort zones rather than working through pain and discomfort to create a solid and sustainable future.
  • A generation that opts to enjoy the comfort and security from its mother’s nest may never develop the capacity to fly. We cry for economic independence while we enslave our minds from taking responsibility for the continent’s outcomes. We need a mind-set change.
    We can blame historical injustices all we like but until we make a decision to shape our own destinies and create new path, the wilderness will forever be our habitat.
  • Decision-making is not easy simply because with every decision you make comes a responsibility for the outcomes whether good or bad. That becomes the hallmark of maturity.
    Time is impatient with us. It will never wait for out indecisions. We have to bite the bullet, decide now to move forward. We need to shift our minds from the crippling, retrogressive and lazy mind-set of entitlement towards a progressive and sober mind-set that moves with the times.
  • The greatest asset that Africa has is in the collective mass of intellectual capital in its people.
  • We cannot move Africa forward while holding onto yesterday’s ways of doing things.


  • The time has come for the youth of Africa to arise and not merely rest on yesterday’s achievements.
  • The time is now for the African child to take responsibility for his or her advancement.
  • Today is the day when the African child needs to be reminded that he/she has an equal chance of making a lasting contribution.
  • It is not the time to downplay each other’s ideas.
  • It is not the time to pull each other backwards.
  • It is not the time for a hand-out but for us to give each other a hand up.
  • It is not time to mourn over lost opportunity, but a time to create new opportunities.
  • It is not time to be angry at yesterday’s injustice, but the clock is ticking for us to shape a brighter tomorrow.
  • Let us therefore rally with a new sense of urgency, to harness potential into one space and forge ahead in unison.

Let me end my speech today by reciting a poem from my anthology, “Showers of Inspiration”. It is my belief that Africa can only move forward if its people learn to understand the Power of the mind.

My mind, my life

A mind released, permitted and sanctioned
A mind free to blossom, dream past boundaries
A mind resistant to status quo to the core
A mind restless, ruminating and flowing
A mind so pregnant with thoughts to overflow
Where nations are built, one thought at a time

A mind so captivating it makes others wonder
A mind with scintillating ideas never experienced
A mind seemingly strange, definitely rare by nature
A mind so unpredictable, uncontainable yet stable
A mind so creative, a factory feeding the soul
Where greatness germinates and success abounds

A mind I won’t disown till death do us part
A mind detesting conditioning formulating wonders
A mind capturing history making new mysteries
A great calculative reasoning engine
A composed garden where the future is planted
Where decisions are designed and action is weaved

A mind so focused, undeterred by history
A mind pushing past pain, set for the ultimate
A mind resisting negativity
A mind holding fast to possibilities
A mind so hopeful and optimistic
Where productivity is the mission and bedrock

A mind that breeds awesomeness
A mind affecting society positively
A mind fashioning lifestyles of human nature
A mind so deep, the base is not known
A mind I love to own and carry around
Where my life rests, the epitome of my success

May God bless Africa and its people.

I thank you!!!

40 Heroes that touched my life in the last 40 years

Rab Heroes
I am where I am because of people whose voices I have listened to; whose paths I have tried to follow and whose lives I have observed and learnt from. In this post I am looking at just 40 of those people in no particular order. There are certainly way more than 40 I can think of but these have left a definite indelible mark in my career and personal development. This is my way to say “Thank you” to all of you for imparting something in my life.
  • Dr. John C. Maxwell (USA) – I have learnt a lot about leadership from you sir. I teach on this subject and always quote your principles. Thank you.
  • Dr. DrStem Mahlatini (USA) – You took me under your wings. You endorsed my books and gave me space on your radio show.
  • Dr. David Molapo (RSA) – A phone call away. Always there to coach and guide.
    Tumi Frazier (RSA) – a great friend whose work I admire. Thank you for endorsing my books.
  • Brian Tracy (USA) – a great writer and speaker. Thank you for co-authoring a book with me. You have raised me.
  • Dr. Myles Munroe (Bahamas) – I have followed you from 1997. A great leadership expert whose principles I agree with.
  • President Barack Obama (USA) – A great leader; breaking the ice, building generations. A great orator.
  • Justin Cohen (RSA) – You have taught me to present well. Thank you sir.
  • Amby Charles Ray (USA) – A great writer. I have learnt a lot from you as an individual during your time in Zimbabwe.
  • Jackie Edwards Shumba (Zim) – Daily I get your advice. Thank you for being my wife. You support my work immensely.
  • Pastor Tom Deuschle (Zim) – A great man of God with a huge vision. Thank you for inspiring me to dream.
  • Dr. Sam Chand (USA) – Thank you for helping me with my books. Wow. I love your work Dr.
  • Bishop Tudor Bismarck (Zim) – Great ministry. Phone call away. Always there to listen and guide. Bless you
  • Bishop Manhanga (Zim) – I gave my life to Christ in your church. My marriage officer. You invested a lot in me.
  • Dr. Mensa Otabil (Ghana) – The Genius. Your sermons have touched my life over the years. I love to have a mind like yours.
  • Rev Murray Cornelius (Canada) – You gave me hope and courage. You listened. You gave a helping hand all the time.
  • Dr. Mike Murdock (USA) – You endorsed my work. You are always encouraging me to push forward. Thank you.
  • Dr. Goodwill Shana (Zim) – Your prophecy in my life is coming to pass. Thank you for being an integral part of my life.
  • Bishop Michael Pitts (USA) – You have built me and many Zimbabweans around. Thank you for great sermons and teachings.
  • Dr. John Stanko (Zim) – You did a Foreword of my first book. You took me under your wings and guided my writing.
  • Strive Masiyiwa (Zim) – For being a role model in business. Thank you for touching lives in this nation and beyond.
  • Bill Gates (USA) – I am originally a Microsoft Engineer and I have been inspired by your philanthropic work too.
  • Douglas Mboweni (Zim) – My current boss. You are an amazing business man. I am learning daily from your life.
  • Warren Buffet (USA) – Your template in business is invigorating. Thank you Warren.
  • Nigel Chanakira (Zim) – Phone call away. You stepped out and built a business using kingdom principles. Awesome
  • Dr. Ola-Vincent Odulele (Nigeria) – You inspired my ministry and writing gift. Thank you Dr. You are amazing.
  • Dr. Tawafadza Makoni (Zim) – You fanned the writing and speaking flame. You inspire me daily. Great mentor and coach.
  • Dr. Peter Raeth (USA) – You came to Zimbabwe for the first time to help me build young people. You took a plunge that many are afraid to do. You keep investing in my books and non profit work.
  • Dr. Shingi Munyeza (Zim) – You have given me space in your busy schedule; to learn from you. You endorsed my work.
  • Allan Dubon (USA) – My Social media mentor. Thank you Allan. There is a bigger reason I met you. Thank you for endorsing my work.
  • Dr. Noah. M. Pashapa (Zim) – Man of ethics. You have taken me under your wings; endorsed my work and showed me the ropes.
  • Dr. Charles Mugaviri (Zim) – Man of purpose. Thank you for your great mentorship and endorsing my work.
  • Lou Tice (USA) (late) – TPI course changed my life. You shaped my thinking processes.
  • Quincy Oliver (USA) – A great man; great speaker; great brother. Thank you for investing my life and endorsing my work.
  • Isaac Jeche (Zim) – A brother whose voice I listen to. Thank you for standing with me when all else was shaky ground.
  • Steven R. Covey (USA) (late) – You have shaped my thinking and speaking. Your work remains in my life. Thank you for endorsing my work.
  • Simon Cohen (UK) – Thank you for teaching me how to speak for a living.
  • Elimon Tagwirei Mapuranga (my late father) and Dainah Mapuranga (my mother) – Great parents. I could not ask for better parents. You raised me to be who I am. Invested in my destiny.
  • Matilda Pugede (Zim) – You showed me the path to Christ. You witnessed to me in a brilliant way. Invited me to church and now we are still friends 16 years later.

The Greatness Manual nominated for International Award

TGM Cover_Dwn

This post is a special dedication to all those who have stood by me during the writing of my first book, The Greatness Manual. The good news is that this book has been nominated to receive an International Book Award by The People’s Book Awards.

Calling on all my fans to VOTE for this book. Every vote counts. Those who do not have the book as yet will not be left out. I am glad that you can download FREE sample chapters here so that you vote having read what the book is about.

To VOTE, simply visit The Book Awards website where you will find the Greatness Manual nomination by clicking here. All you need to do is hover over the stars above the book picture to select your rating (from 1 to 5 star). Once you have selected the stars you can proceed to leave thoughts about the book. This is not mandatory.

That’s all you need to do in order to VOTE. I thank you so much for all your help. Click-Here-to-Vote

40 Power Lines to Ignite your Purpose


  1. A slap in the face which awakens you to the reality of your purpose is better than an encouragement that causes you to miss destiny. It is easy to trade ultimate purposes for temporary preferences.
  2. Always be careful for you may spend time looking or waiting for what you already have. It is your responsibility to always seek to know what you have so as to maximize your time.
  3. At the end of life, your joy should be from seeds sown and legacy passed on. It is costly to humanity if you exit full of inventions that we will never see simply because you chose not to live your purpose.
  4. Blessed are those who walk in the path of purpose for they shall experience the joys of success. A purposeful life is a life worth living.
  5. Complaints are assets for observers. If you won’t work towards a solution, it is better to endure your present discomfort till you do something about it. Purposeful people are action oriented.
  6. Courage and determination are major contributors to greatness. Some achieve great influence simply because they dare to move in the direction that others are running away from.
  7. Desiring the purpose of another person brings confusion and frustration in your life. Your destiny is tightly woven to your participation in what you were created to do.
  8. Don’t make crucial life decisions based on what the majority is doing. You may not have the inside information on how they are managing. Always follow your unique path and purpose.
  9. Endeavour to stand taller than the image you carry of yourself. Chances are you may not have the correct mental calibration to tell the truth about who you are and you capabilities.
  10. Forgive those who coached you to believe that you will become a failure. You would be in error to listen to everyone’s interpretation of your purpose. Close your ears to those who think you will never succeed. Look forward to success even if the present story has no sign of it.
  11. Greatness comes as a result of knowing your purpose. Many wander in self-imposed exile because they try to live according to other people’s purposes. Act on your passion.
  12. How can you succeed unless you try? How can you try unless you are willing to take the risk? Success will not come on a silver platter. Following your purpose is a risk worth taking.
  13. If you have to put extra effort you need to watch closely that you are in your area of calling, expertise and purpose. When you are correctly placed; you should not struggle to achieve.
  14. It is a waste of energy to apologize for living out your purpose. You owe no-one an explanation. What matters is the fulfilment of your assignment before the end of your life.
  15. It is always too soon to give up. Be watchful that you will quit at the tipping point. Never take pride in quitting what you are convinced is in line with your true purpose.
  16. It is better to take time to identify your purpose than rush into the realm of diversified passion with no meaningful result or direction. It is a sure way of wasting valuable time.
  17. It is easy to ask others about their purpose and not even stop for a moment to reflect on your own. You can become the world’s life coach when your own life needs more attention.
  18. It is fraudulent to desire success yet you detest your purpose. Your purpose breeds your ultimate success.
  19. It is wise to delay making your aspirations public until you have started implementing them. Those who publicize dreams prematurely lose them to critics. Keep the most treasured issues of your life to yourself until the appointed time. Your purpose is not meant as a bragging tool.
  20. It takes great maturity to accept faults that are pointed out to you by other people. It is easy to carry bad habits and be comfortable with them as they become your second nature. Like bad breath, some attitudes are easily picked by others. You will succeed if you can listen objectively.
  21. Just because you desire it does not make it useful or vital for your livelihood. Sometimes we misdirect our desires because of what we see in others while our true purpose suffers neglect. Success is in our pursuit of true purpose which is not always glamorous.
  22. Just because you don’t know it does not mean it does not exist. Just because you haven’t done it, does not mean it cannot be done. Embrace possibilities but do not magnify your limitations. If you do not know the reason why you exist the next best step is finding it out and not retiring.
  23. Just when you feel you have hit rock bottom, look around and examine the bedrock. You may have stumbled onto a diamond band. Examine your new circumstances objectively. They may be your pathway to successful living.
  24. Life is the gap between conception and death. It is important to make your life count by using your purpose to make a difference while you live. You can start today. Never too late.
  25. Many spend the bulk of their lifetime looking for keys to unlock their destiny. Destiny is not locked away. Create activity in line with what you feel most passionate about.
  26. Never pretend to be in your purpose when in actual fact all you are doing is finding excuses to pass time. Time is a precious resource.
  27. No one knows you better than you know yourself. You should never waste time seeking the approval of others on what you know you can do so well.
  28. Our minds are usually drawn to what we are familiar with. Breaking new territory is usually a challenge for an ordinary mind and yet it maybe the territory where your purpose resides.
  29. Passionate pursuit of purpose is the entry point to perpetual productivity. We live in a world where there is ever increasing diversity of things that desire our attention. Not all pursuits are fruitful or beneficial and yet all pursuits eat into your time and resources.
  30. Stars never wake up wondering what their purpose is. They just glow decorating the skies. Discover your purpose and pursue it. There is no time to waste being a wondering wanderer.
  31. Stay focused on what you have to do. Your destiny feeds on your determination to be where you are supposed to be. Find purpose and pursue it because your life actually depends on it.
  32. Success does not come easy. It takes a lot of commitment to remain with a resolve to accomplish great things regardless of any discouragement that may come your way. If you are not willing to push past the present pain, you will not enjoy the benefits of a purposeful life.
  33. The fact that other people may have failed in one area does not mean you will too.  Count yourself fortunate to have access to how others failed because you now know how not to fail.
  34. The fact that you are unique does not mean you are inferior.  It is not possible that everyone will have the same purpose otherwise others will lack relevance.
  35. The gap between challenges & solutions is one’s willingness and resolution to work towards the solution. Solutions are fueled by desire to stay in pursuit mode. Perseverance breeds success.
  36. What other people have or don’t have should never intimidate you from following your purpose.
  37. When it is your time, no one can stand in your way and prevail. Even your enemies will propel you to the top. Maximize the opportunity when the spotlight is on you.  It is simply your time.
  38. You can survive all your life outside your purpose but you may not be fulfilled in what you do. It is everyone’s mandate to make the issue of purpose identification their core business.
  39. You have to get used to criticism if you are serious about moving up the success ladder. People who have changed the world endured all forms of ridicule. Criticism must not make you stop advancing. As you pursue purpose, know that criticism is part of the process.
  40. Your breathing must purchase your purpose. Understand why you occupy space for you to be fruitful and fulfilled. Avoid frustrations by following your purpose not what is fashionable.

40 Guidelines for Effective Leadership


  1. Leaders serve, they do not wait to be served. If your desire to serve others is overpowered by your willingness to be of service to them then you effectiveness is compromised.
  2. Leaders are passionate about developing other pro-active leaders not just making followers who always wait for instructions like robots.
  3. Leaders are team players and team builders not referees. As a leader, desist from just being a spectator. Get your hands dirty.
  4. Leaders know that they will not do all the work alone hence they delegate tasks to members of the team. Through delegation they are able to see areas where extra coaching and mentoring is needed.
  5. Leaders take responsibility for non-delivery. They will not pass the bark. They will not hide from their own mistakes. Instead they come out to help fix problems even if they did not cause them.
  6. Leaders always strive for continual improvement. They do not rest on yesterday’s successes but rather they use those achievements as today’s pedestals.
  7. Leaders have vision. They are not stuck in the past but they always set their eyes on the horizon. They always have the future in mind as they build.
  8. Leaders are great at managing conflict. As a leader you will always have people around you. Multiple individuals in one space means conflict.
  9. Leaders have high integrity. You cannot demand that your team members be of high integrity standards that you are not willing to abide by. Do what you say you will do.
  10. Leaders are role models – Team members do what they see the leader tolerating not what the leader instructs.
  11. Leaders are strategic in their thinking and approach.  They spend most of their time plotting strategy of how to keep the organisation moving forward.
  12. Leaders have people at heart. People will work best in an atmosphere where they feel their leader cares about their well-being not just about results. A leader who nurtures others is productive.
  13. Leaders are great listeners. Leaders encounter people with issues from time to time. Take time to hear them before jumping to your pre-conceived conclusions.
  14. Leaders welcome ideas from those around them. They encourage team members to innovate and bring ideas to the table. They don’t stifle creativity.
  15. Leaders take time to discover their personal weaknesses and finding effective ways to counter or contain them. Self awareness is a crucial element of effective leaders. Before you lead others you must lead yourself well.
  16. Leaders are secure and confident in themselves. They don’t intimidate rising stars and neither are they jealous of them.
  17. Leaders are great communicators. As a leader you will always be communicating vision, goals and strategy therefore communication is a pivotal element for buy-in from staff and teams.
  18. Leaders are not consumed by titles but by creating value for the organisation especially through the people employed there-in.
  19. Leaders persevere even in the face of obvious persecution, adversity, pain and obstruction. They remain calm while focussing on keeping the dream alive.
  20. Leaders are not afraid of criticism. As a leader you are in the spotlight. Every move you make receives a response from those around you. You are therefore not immune to scrutiny.
  21. Leaders are optimistic. Optimists see mistakes as learning opportunities, not as catastrophes from which they’ll never recover.
  22. Leaders take risks. Developing great leadership stamina entails getting out of the seat of comfort by setting “stretch” goals that enable them to develop new skills.
  23. Leaders create a positive culture that drives organisational excellence and attainment of goals or targets. If your staff have a sour attitude, trace back to see if you did not encourage it.
  24. Leaders break barriers and walls of limitation. Great leaders refuse to be contained in a given space. They rather choose to define how far they want to go despite circumstances.
  25. Leaders spend quality time planning and even more time implementing their ideas. They are great dreamers but they are not hesitant to make their ideas practical.
  26. Leaders always raise the bar. Set standards and define expectations. Failure to challenge staff to aim higher and achieve more results in the organisation achieving mediocre results.
  27. Leaders are great at balancing their time between work, rest and other responsibilities outside the confines of their organisation. They lead a balanced life.
  28. Leaders always seek to expand their level of awareness and exposure. Leaders read and travel widely. They use every opportunity to learn ways to build stronger organisations.
  29. Leaders work with a succession plan in mind. They set their eyes even towards the period when they retire and begin to groom potential successors deliberately.
  30. Leaders are loyal to their vision and dreams. They will not hide or keep silent when others trample over their own exploits. They always find ways to safeguard their dreams.
  31. Leaders offer recognition of the efforts and achievements of their team members thereby inspiring them towards even greater achievements. They go a step further to reward performance.
  32. Great leaders are decisive and resolute. They make decisions and stand by them all the way. Team members become insecure around a leader whose decisions are never solid.
  33. Leaders manage information well. As a leader you will receive a lot of personal sensitive information. Learn to maintain confidentiality and publicise your staff’s information.
  34. Leaders develop relationships of trust with their staff members. As a result team members open up where they face challenges in executing their roles or even at a personal level.
  35. True leaders are selfless with their success. They reward those stakeholders who helped them to rise as well as making a difference in the communities they operate.
  36. Leaders are able to adjust to change but more importantly they cause change to happen. They are not stuck in the old way of doing business. They swiftly move with the times.
  37. Leaders have sharpened attention to see and seize opportunities. They do not wait for consensus while opportunities vanish. They enjoy meeting the needs of people and by so doing they create revenues for their businesses.
  38. Leaders go against the grain creating a new status quo. They are not comfortable by what already exists. They seek to venture into territories that others shy away from. That is how they become success stories.
  39. Leaders value people who think differently than them. They do not see that as disrespect. Rather they try to use alternative suggestions to sharpen their own ideas further.
  40. Leaders are not manipulative of those they lead. They let them have free space to exercise their own judgement and decision making power without fear of reprisal.